Q: Where does all the money come from that is spent on healthcare in America?

A: Almost two-thirds of the more than $3 trillion spent annually on health care in the US comes from taxpayers.

Americans pay higher health care taxes than do the citizens of any other country. These taxes support all kinds of federal, state, and local governmental healthcare programs like Medicare (federal program for the elderly), Medicaid (state/federal program for the poor), CHIP (state/federal program for children); VA (federal program for military veterans), IHS (federal program for Native Americans), and many many many other federal programs and a few state programs.

All government employees have health care benefits paid for by the taxpayers. And tax credits are given to large employers who provide a health benefit to their employees.

It is a painful irony that tens of millions of American taxpayers, who pay the world’s highest health care taxes, find themselves without health care financing when they need it, or with inadequate health care financing leaving them vulnerable to bankruptcy even if they have ‘coverage’.

The most common cause of personal bankruptcy in the United States is the cost of health care after illness or injury.

In no other first world country are citizens bankrupted by the care they need to treat illness or injury.