The purple world

You get what you pay for, right?

Not when it comes to health care in America. We pay twice as much as any other developed nation for health care, yet we have the worst health of them all. If the safety record of American hospitals were transposed onto the airline industry, a fully loaded 747 would crash every other week! And while we pay the highest taxes for health care in the world, tens of thousands of Americans die each year from treatable illness merely because they can’t afford medical care.

How did we reach this shameful state? You’ll be shocked to find out not only who’s to blame, but more importantly, how easy the solution can be.

In this riveting book, Dr. Joseph Jarvis, MD, examines how our nation’s focus has radically shifted from the disease to the dollar—drastically harming Americans in the process. With unforgettable stories drawn from Dr. Jarvis’s thirty-plus years in the medical profession, he gets you thinking about health-care reform in a big way (you’ll never get over the drunk miner who spent the night dipping a dead, rabid bat into every bar patron’s drink!).

And through other captivating examples, from brothels to nursing homes, he shows how poorly the average American understands how to make safe health-care choices in the so-called medical marketplace and how poorly politicians serve as arbiters of what good health policy should be.

Most importantly, this book can finally make a difference: instead of simply pointing fingers and wailing about the outrages, Dr. Jarvis offers a workable solution that can be quickly implemented by each state. Before you finish this book, you’ll get a compelling look at how politicians can offer real solutions and how the American electorate can finally do the right thing in health-system reform: protect our families, our country, and our future.

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About Dr. Jarvis

Born and raised in Arizona, Dr. Joseph Q. Jarvis received his college education at Brigham Young University and his medical and public health professional degrees from the University of Utah School of Medicine. He is board certified in public health/general preventive medicine and occupational and environmental medicine.

His years of family practice (in Salt Lake City, Washington DC, and Reno) were largely in areas of low income, with most of his patients being uninsured. Dr. Jarvis has two decades of experience as a consultant in public health and environmental medicine. He later spent several years as a specialist in occupational lung disease in Denver. His public health career included stints working in the federal government (OSHA, US Dept. of Labor) and state government (Nevada Division of Health, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment).

With two decades of experience as a consultant in public health and environmental medicine, Dr. Jarvis has clients from Guam to New York City in both the public and private sectors with a diverse set of projects including indoor air quality in the Ground Zero neighborhood, monitoring for heavy metal exposure over a decade in a North Denver neighborhood, cancer cluster investigation around a uranium mill, and many hundreds of workers compensation cases.

Dr. Jarvis serves as the Chair of the Utah Healthcare Initiative, a nonprofit organization that proposes state-wide healthcare reform by ballot initiative.

Organized the Utah Health Policy Project with the intention it would be the way out of this mess. Chairman of the Board. 2004, walked away in 2008.

He and his wife of forty years, Annette W. Jarvis (a corporate bankruptcy attorney), reside in the greater Salt Lake City area. They are the parents of five children and the grandparents of five.